Congratulations to our amazingly creative and talented students who achieved award winning results at the SCS Eisteddfod 2022.
Piano Solo (Beginner): Stage 2 – 3
Hannah S: 1st place
James S: 1st place
Austin L: 2nd place
Keighley B: Encouragement award
Classical Guitar Solo Acoustic (Open): Stage 3 – 6
Sean C: 1st place
Olivia M- Tap 1st Place
Isabelle M -Contemporary dance 1st Place
Ilana B- 2nd Place
Musical Theatre
Isabella S– First Place
Allessia A- Encouragement Award
Hannah, Stage 3, one of our students who came First Place shared her journey and experience.

Earlier this year, in March, I was very happy to be nominated by the school to compete in the SCS 2022 Eisteddfod.   I competed in the Piano Solo Beginner category, along with my brother, James.  Over the past couple of months, I have worked tirelessly to learn a piece of music to play for the competition.  The  piece that I chose to play was ‘Carnival in Rio’ by the composer, William Gillock.   I chose this piece because it is a very lively and joyful piece.

I was very nervous on the day of the competition because  I had never performed in front of an audience before.  However, all my practice paid off because  I came first place in my group!  I am so grateful that All Hallows gave me a chance to enter the Eisteddfod, even though most of the teachers had never even heard me play before.   I want to thank All Hallows, especially Miss Archer, who came to see my brother and I  play.  Despite the nerves, I really enjoyed performing in front of an audience, and I hope I can enter next year’s Eisteddfod, too.

Sean, Stage 3, won his Guitar solo category and was competing against Year 12 students. He even performed his piece in front of the whole school, during our school assembly.

Olivia from Stage 3 writes,

On the weekend I was honoured to represent All Hallows’ as part of the Sydney Catholic Schools eisteddfod, where I performed a tap solo. I was really impressed at the level of organisation of the competition. It was wonderful to meet other contestants from various other catholic schools and also to see the wonderful talents from other students. I really enjoyed being at this event with my school principal Mrs Elliot and Miss Archer. I felt very proud to be representing All Hallows’ as it was a wonderful experience to compete and win first place. Lastly I just want to say a special thanks to Mrs Elliot and Miss Archer for coming to support me and for selecting me to compete and represent the school.