At All Hallows Catholic Primary School Five Dock, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Mrs Helen Elliott
Mrs Helen ElliottPrincipal
I am passionate about nurturing the natural curiosity of each child to ignite their potential so that they dream big and to go out and change the world.
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Ms Christine Torresan
Ms Christine TorresanAssistant Principal
Encouraging students to always confidently try their best, to be the best they can be is the core purpose of teaching.
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Ms Brigid Vieira
Ms Brigid VieiraReligious Education Coordinator
My faith has always been a central part of my life and identity.
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Mrs Jennifer Oakes
Mrs Jennifer OakesCoordinator
As an educational leader, I am passionate about preparing students to become innovative and curious learners.
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Mrs Tamara Stewart-Moore
Mrs Tamara Stewart-MooreCoordinator
Teaching gives me the opportunity to engage with children and develop their faith.
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Mrs Marisa Barba
Mrs Marisa BarbaInstructional Leader
Our role as educators is to assist each child in developing their full potential within this and the wider community.
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Family Educator Mrs Marisa Squadrito
Librarian Teacher Mrs Sharon Seymour
Music/ Drama Teacher Ms Erin Pascoe
Italian Teacher Mrs Angela Bonfiglio
Diverse Learning Needs Teacher Mrs Felicity Young
Diverse Learning Needs Teacher Mrs Anne McKay
Reading Recovery Teacher Mrs Evelyn Rushton
Teacher Ms Kate Archer
Teacher Ms Juliana Hunt
Teacher Ms Annie Reid
Teacher Miss Clare Lyons
Teacher Mrs Marisa Barba
Teacher Ms Jamie Speranza
Teacher Mrs Leah Hay
Teacher Mrs Vanessa Boys
Teacher Miss Kathryn Valente
Teacher Miss Adriana Luongo
Teacher Mrs Karina Hayes
Teacher Mrs Michelle Nikopoulos
Teacher Mrs Sharon Bignold
Teacher Mrs Lucy Di Camillo
Teacher Ms Natasha Lemon
Teacher Miss Sara Ilacqua
Teacher Ms Raquel Corral
Teacher Mrs Tamara Stewart -Moore
Teacher Mrs Claudia Briganti
Teacher Miss Brigid Vieira
Teacher Mrs Melissa Valente-Watkins
Diverse Learning Needs Support Officer Mrs Anne Sarvaas
Diverse Learning Needs Support Officer Mrs Gina Bonaccorso
Diverse Learning Needs Support Officer Miss Giannetta Lorizio
Diverse Learning Needs Support Officer Mrs Silvana Testa
Diverse Learning Needs Support Officer Mrs Maria Capezio
Diverse Learning Needs Support Officer Mrs  Susie Alafaci
School Counsellor Ms Karen Rushbrook
Secretary Mrs Erin Lopes
Information Systems Officer Mr Nick